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Welcome to -- Will the proposed elevation changes and clear weather rerouting of flights provide us with an improved standard of living?  Will residents get true relief from air noise and jet exhaust pollution with this many proposed overflights?  The airspace is currently being redesigned.  Now is the time to get honest answers from the FAA.

PHL Noise Compatibility Program Update Study Community Workshops
Please see forwarded information below regarding the Part 150 update meetings that are to be held this week. Attached is a flyer about five upcoming Community Workshops we have scheduled for this important study. Please forward it along to any individual or group that you think may be interested.
Click the link below.

2008 Updated Part 150 study Information

The City of Philadelphia has completed a Federal Aviation Regulation Part 150 Noise Compatibility Study for the Philadelphia International Airport. (PHL)  The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved this study on May 20, 2003. To view the noise abatement section of the study, click the link below.

2003 Final Part 150 Noise Compatibility Study

Make a noise complaint !!
For further information regarding this study, or to make a noise complaint please contact Jonathan Collette at Philadelphia International Airport, (215) 937-6233, FAX (215) 937-6086, or e-mail

More Noise Links and Information

The Munich airport noise study
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A longitudinal study of physiological, perceptual, cognitive, motivational and quality-of-life effects on children. The study was made to understand how chronic environmental noise stress affects physiology, perception, cognition, motivation and quality-of-life in children. Children around the old and new airports in Munich (relocated May 1992) haven been studied over several years.

League For the Hard of Hearing A new browser window will launch.
People who live close to airports suffer more than mere annoyance from ascending and descending aircraft. Beyond annoyance, aircraft noise may have significant mental and physical health impacts on people who live below the flight path of commercial and private airplanes. Since the 1970's, many studies have found aircraft noise linked to the following:  stress, hypertension, sleep disturbances, work-related performance, learning and academic performance...

Below is a chart of some common noise/decibel levels for your reference from the League For the Hard of Hearing:

(PHL)  Philadelphia Airport Noise -Havertown, PA Upper Darby PA Delaware County Runway 17-35 - Philadelphia Airport over Bandywine Hundred New Castle County Delaware

Welcome to the  Philadelphia Airport (PHL) decibel club.
Sad but true if you live in a flight path of Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) or any large modern airport.  If aircraft  fly over your home and neighborhoods at 4 or 5 am at 1000 ft (MSL) or at 60 second intervals during your child's nap time, you are a member of the club.  Because of 
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) operating procedures and the increase of available gates at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) one can expect as little as no noise to peaks of 100 decibels for hours on end. 

Possible Noise Solutions? 
"the FAA and Philadelphia International Airport had already taken action to address noise issues, Mark Pesche, public relations manager for the airport. Pesche said the flying height over North Wilmington was raised the previous July, from 1,800 to 3,000 feet."  Brandywine Community News January 2003

Delaware River Routing to reduce noise

The FAA did raise the approach elevation from 1800 to 3000 ft over Delaware in July 2002. They just forgot to mention the 1700 ft. approach minimum shown in the graphic below. 

Contradictions… Plenty
Answers… Not Enough
October 9, 2003

If you haven't read the editorial please do so. It answers plenty of questions concerning East operations at PHL. Every statement in the editorial is backed by research. All we want? Honest answers from the FAA and PHL.

October 9, 2003: The editorial "Contradictions… Plenty,  Answers… Not Enough"  was released and this webiste went online. Not a day too soon... Because... October 10, 2003: The FAA announced starting October 30th new outbound fight patterns over Delaware that would increase our noise levels again. Read more about the new outbound routing called "Dual Modena  or Dual MXE" and why congressional members have requested  EPA assistance.

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